Thank you for stopping by and showing support for a small yet motivated and inspired company, Street Styles Productions. What began as simple, one time, personalized costume jewelry project for My own personal wear and use, has now evolved into a devoted desire to expand into an actual one of a kind jewelry line.  The intention here is not to go big time or get rich. What Street Styles Productions aims to accomplish is the ability to create unique, rare, custom embroidered and acrylic custom name jewelry necklaces for people in the community with themes designed to represent something that is special and important to the one who wears it.

Street Styles Productions does not even want to design and sell these items online. Yet instead create a "Street" level movement which involves local organizations, charities, florist shops, recovery and rehab spots, hospital gift stores bike clubs, pet stores, boutique shops, barber shops, vape shops, ethnic stores and more. One of the organizations who has already taken notice of my handcrafted personalized designs is M.O.M.S. ( Mothers of Murdered Sons and Daughters ), who I just received an order of 6 personalized custom REST IN PARADISE / RISE IN POWER Memorial Themed Necklaces for 2 young men who were murdered in Baltimore City. 

Street Styles Productions has 18 years experience in conducting online retail business as fine jewelry retailer under the name of EverythingBling. So I already know what it is to be in business online and currently that is not the direction I seek to aim for with this new jewelry line. By keeping the designs local and for the immediate local community, it may help prevent this unique jewelry line from being hijacked or stolen from others who troll the internet looking for the next big thing to produce or mass produce. Also by keeping this on a personal level will require face to face social interaction and getting out of the office and away from the computer and internet. There is an entire world and life to be experienced outside and I truly want to be a part of it!

Now that I've have given a brief description of the ideas, product line and business goal desires, I invite you to explore my page, view the designs and if inclined to show support by offering sponsorship via donations.

Thank you for taking a moment to find out about my new creative arts project and what I am trying to accomplish and also thank you for your sponsorship and consideration. Without you, this dream would not be a possible reality! 

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